Art in August: Anniversaries, Sex, and Heartbreak

It’s been a great summer for art so far, and the weather has cooled down just in time for First Friday!

Two galleries are celebrating anniversary openings on Friday, and after a great first First Friday Street Exhibition last month, we are looking forward to doing it again. Here is a list of some highlights to check out:

  • The second summer First Friday Street Exhibition, featuring more than 27 local artists, musicians, and more…
  • The Small Talk Photography Collective presents Heart Break City at Redux Boutique and Gallery
  • Midnight night fun with The Sex Show at Afru Gallery.
  • A group exhibition of artists celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Butters Gallery.
  • Live painting at the One Year Anniversary of Wolff Gallery


Featuring the work of 16 independent artists in August, as well as 11 open studios, the street exhibition will showcase artists of the South East Industrial Arts District. Also featuring live music by The Groove Birds, and Slim Bacon. For a a full list of artists visit

6 pm – 9 pm at 211 SE Madison St.

Small Talk is a photography collective formed in Portland, Oregon in 2015. As a group, we explore the nature of what it means to be a visual storyteller, pool resources, provide support and critique, and facilitate community events and discussions. We engage in the best kind of “small talk,” that which binds us together both as a collective and within a larger community of women and minority artists, fostering stronger work and collaboration. Our first book, We’re Always Touching by Underground Wires, was published in April 2018.

Heartbreak City evokes the nostalgic feeling of warm summer nights, seedy motels, female desire, and being young and free.

6 pm – 9 pm at 811 East Burnside St. #116
An unusual group show of adult themed artwork. Also featuring live music by DIG DEEP and a potluck.

6 pm – 12 am at 534 SE Oak Street

We present our group exhibition of gallery artists celebrating our 30th anniversary. This will be the first of a two month changing group exhibition showcasing our current roster
of artists we represent including several of whom we’ve worked with for the entire 30 years. Our August presentation will focus mostly on artists from the Pacific Northwest and
our September presentation will focus more on those artists we work with from outside the region.

6 pm – 8 pm 157 NE Grand Ave.3rd

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since we moved into our space in SE Portland. Come celebrate with us!

There will be live painting by our exhibiting artist, Lorena Guerra Matteucci, aka M3AT, and refreshments. Join us!

6 pm – 12 am at 2804 SE Ankeny St.

Summer, Sun, and Art in the Streets


Between the kickoff of the First Friday Street Exhibition, and some exciting openings, we’re looking forward to seeing some especially amazing art this Friday.  Here are a few highlights:


Featuring the work of 14 local artists, the July street exhibition is excited to showcase independent artists of the South East Industrial Arts District, as well as fire dancing, and live music by Twenty Three Suns and solo harpist Annette Pritchard.

6-9 pm at 211 SE Madison St.


“Beyond the aesthetics of commerce, culture and convention, beauty is what we find.
It is in us, a default setting in the evolution of our brains. Like greed, envy, hate, and love.”
–Bernd Haussmann

6-8 pm at 157 NE Grand Ave


Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to welcome Oakland-based artist Meryl Pataky back to the gallery for a stunning collection of new work. Breaking new ground while fortifying her devotion to light, Pataky continues to explore her aesthetic to mind-blowing effect. Flexing her experimental muscles for this exhibit, she adds a quick cast of resin and black pigment to the neon tubes, simulating the leak of a transformer.

7-10 pm at 305 SE 3rd Avenue, Suite 202


Brad Winter’s recent drawings are abstract and immediate, the result of process turned loose in an automatic/free manner—creating space/s made new with each successive adventure. He has worked in painting, drawing, collage and a variety of print disciplines. Involved in Portland’s music, art and poetry scenes since the late 1970’s, Winter has shown throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum.

5–9 PM at 1715 SE Spokane St.
Reception + Poetry Reading
7–8 PM
Readings by Portland poets: Casey Bush, Anatoly Molotkov, Dan Raphael, John Sibley Williams, Brad Winter and Laura Winter.


#cyborgs brings together artwork from across disciplinary divides for a multi-platformed art experience focused on Donna Haraway’s concept of the cyborg as a queer political body. #cyborgs connects photography, digital images, video, score based performance, digital avatars, social media residencies, and potent fusions of them all.

6:30 – 9:30 pm at 210 SE Madison St.

June Openings and Opportunities

We are looking forward to an especially exciting First Friday this month, with some fantastic shows and opportunities to get involved. Here are a few highlights:


Open to all artists and creators based in Portland, the Street Exhibition is located at SE Madison and SE 2nd Avenue. We especially encourage galleries and artists based in the SE Arts District to join us. For more information visit or email


As if our thoughts and ideas could be worn like a headdress, this show explores what it would be like if our ideas were visible visual narratives.
Emoting both ones personal identity and cultural heritage, here we see a variety of magical portraits which convey the complex inner workings of ones mind as if they were literally Emerging from within.
Marlana Stoddard-Hayes “Aequanimatas” at Butters Gallery

We present our fourth solo exhibition of paintings by Portland-based Stoddard-Hayes. Notably, each of her paintings begin with the application of fungi (from her garden) directly onto the surface, leaving imagery that guides the composition.

The artist posits regarding this body of work:
Over time I have developed a following by staying true to what my body has told me to make, and not only my mind. This exhibition traces a path through the entire garden year, as I found great solace and calm by living on and tending to an acre of land near the Willamette, in a time of great personal challenge


East Creative in cooperation with The Portland Rose Festival is proud to host Portland Rooted. Portland Rooted will showcase local artists whose work celebrates Portland as the “City of Roses.”

“Karuna is turning 3 years old! Please celebrate with us ~ Artist Lubosh Cech will be showing his artwork and we will collectively cultivate and contemplate an environment of warmth and inclusion at Portland’s own “Boutique For The Mindfully-Minded.”

May First Friday Happenings

It’s been a busy Spring, and we are excited to welcome the addition of 7 new galleries to the First Friday map since our last update. Be sure to check out our updated listing for the latest details! There are too many interesting shows this month to list everything here,  but a few highlights to check out this Friday include:

Fur and Feather
Brassworks Gallery presents a 14 artist habitat of Animalgamation. We are celebrating the animal kingdom this month, so if it walks, crawls, flies or burrows our artists will include them in our amalgamation of creatures.
East Creative and Photonica

In addition to a all new works by resident artists, including two new artists, East Creative Collective is excited to announce our May opening will feature live fire dancing by Isabel Platten of Photonica. Join us for a night of art, food, wine, and flame!

Alyson Provax “you I everything else”

In her solo exhibition, you I everything else, Alyson Provax highlights this phenomenon of inherited memories and behaviors, and particularly how it manifests in the language used by current and past contestants in the reality television series, The Bachelor. The artist’s letterpress prints, light boxes, animations, and mirrors isolate words and phrases participants on the show often repeat from season to season, revealing a shared vernacular that helps to reinforce a particular experience of love and what “authentic” connection looks like. However, as Provax points out, “loneliness exists not in solitude but in concealment. The idea that we should be a consistent and watchable self is a form of this loneliness. We are all inconsistent, the individual self is neither static nor true.”

Shop People Joins First Friday

“Shop People LLC was established in 2005 as the first members based makerspace in the Portland. Over the years, there have been almost five hundred members who have honed their crafts, skills and relationships within these old walls. Many were hobbyist, who became artists, who become business people and then grew to larger facilities. Some just liked to tinker DIY style and learn from experts. Regardless of their goal, all appreciated the low overhead, managed tools and space as well as community. ”

Be sure to check out their opening this month, featuring work by 11 artists and live music by Josie Lisette.

Community Art Gathering at Night Light Lounge with First Friday PDX

The First Friday PDX Team is excited to invite you to an evening of collective community creation at one of SE Portland’s up and coming art spaces and hang out spots—Night Light Lounge. We bring together a diverse group of art entrepreneurs and visionary ideas. Meet your artistic neighbors. Share your accomplishments and goals. Find ways to support each other. Casual networking and elevating conversation will ensue.

There is a reserved area for this event. Arrive early for happy hour pricing before 6!
The First Friday PDX Team hosts the Community Gathering quarterly to connect artists with art spaces, create/discuss SE area art events and to have a little fun!!
This opportunity to interface with the First Friday PDX team directly influences the direction of the organization and the greater SE art community. All are welcome.

Time: 6-8 p.m.,Thursday, Feb 22, 2018

Location: Night Light Lounge, 2100 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

Hope to see you there!

-The First Friday Team

Time to Shine – Artist and Art Space **Opportunity**

Sara Burbidge/

First Friday PDX is excited to announce a special February First Friday Light Walk in collaboration with the Portland Winter Light Festival! The event will take place on Friday, Feb. 2nd, 2018. The affair will illuminate local art through light art exhibitions, installations and live performance. Featuring more than 100 artists, and attracting more than 40,000 visitors, the annual Portland Winter Light Festival is one of the cities most dynamic and engaging art events. To help facilitate this collaborative opportunity, First Friday is offering two ways to become involved:

  • Independently create or host a light themed exhibit, installation, or performer.
  • Be matched with and host a local light artist or or performer (or for artists: gallery) from the First Friday PDX roster

Participating galleries and studios will become a featured stop on the Light Walk and special Light Bike Ride and receive publicity and visitors from both First Friday PDX and the Portland Winter Light Festival.

Contact us at

Costumes, cats and bikes OH MY!

First Friday PDX Art Ride October 2017
Come out this First Friday for festive fun

First Friday PDX – Portland’s Eastside Artwalk and The Street Trust– Women Bike invite you to join us on a Night of the Living Dead Artist Art Ride. Ride participants are encouraged to come dressed as a dead artist. The event will take place on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. The first gallery and meeting location will be at Splendorporium, 3421 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97202.

The ride will commence from the starting location at 6:00 p.m. Participating locations include: Splendorporium, East Creative Collective, AFRU Gallery and Redux Gallery and Boutique.

4 Ways to Promote With First Friday PDX

Artists and galleries looking to promote an upcoming art event opening on First Friday can be assisted using a few simple social media tips. In order to bring a larger audience to your space and generate more awareness of your creativity and news a consistent approach to social media and forming alliances in the community are needed.

Connect on social media outlets

First Friday PDX uses Facebook, Twitter, Meetup and soon we will add Instagram. If you connect with us, we can be on the lookout when you post news, events and updates. Check out our gallery and artist page to see other businesses in the community from which social media alliances can be formed.

Announce participation in First Friday PDX

On your website, blog, newsletter or other social media announce that you are a part of First Friday PDX and link to our website or Facebook page.

Once you plan on opening for First Friday on a recurring basis we recommend repeating this kind of post at least a few times a month because repetition tends to draw more visitors to your posts and over time this will create a buzz!  

Use Google to search for instructions on how to tag and share using social media platforms. Below we have listed instructions for Facebook.

publish Events and Updates

Use your Facebook page to create an event with your contact information (include your address and First Friday open hours.) This provides our First Friday PDX page with a link to promote you. 

Along with the show opening details, add a short description to the event about what you are currently working on and a brief bio/about you section. Share this event with your friends, family and fellow artists. 

When creating your event make First Friday PDX a co-host and it will automatically add your event to our featured events AND post the event to our main newsfeed.

Another way to promote is to share your event as a post to the First Friday PDX page and we can share your event to our main feed.

Submit news updates

We write a press release about First Friday happenings and submit it to many local press outlets on a monthly basis. Our press deadline is the 17th of each month. Most of the time we can include your event or news update if submitted in time. If you plan on participating in First Friday on a recurring basis we can announce you as a newcomer on our social media outlets. The best way to submit your information is to email us with your photos and press releases and be sure to add our press email to your mailing list .

Printed map of First Friday PDX locations now available

Tamara from Redux has published a printed map to First Friday galleries and her favorite local spots. The map is free to First Friday PDX attendees.

Local businesses can pick up maps for sale in bulk at her shop located @ 811 E. Burnside #116, Portland, Ore. 97214. Shop hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The prices below reflect the cost of creation.

$10 for 25, $18 for 50, $26 for 75, $35 for 100, and 35 cents each for more than 100.

Introducing – the Art Ride!

First Friday- Portland’s Eastside Artwalk and The Street Trust invite you to join us on an Art Ride as part of Women’s Bike Month! The bike ride will visit six galleries located in Southeast Portland. The event will take place on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. The first gallery and meeting location will be at Eutectic Gallery, 1930 NE Oregon St. Portland, Oregon 97232 (entrance located on 20th).