Located in Portland’s vibrant East side Arts District, the First Friday Art Walk takes place on the first Friday evening of every month from 6-9 p.m. Offering a gateway into Portland’s thriving arts culture, First Friday PDX includes more than 23 independent galleries, shops, and studios, as well as a street exhibition from April to October. The self-guided tour is free and open to locals and visitors!


Executive Director – Noah Alexander Isaac Stein

Noah  is visual artist known primarily for his ecstatic oil and wax paintings, and for his leading role in arts organizations based in Portland, OR, Israel, and Palestine. Noah’s art can be seen in galleries throughout Portland, and has won awards and grants both nationally and internationally.

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Communications Director – Victoria Glanowski 

“Victoria is a writer who dabbles in painting and drawing. She’s originally from New York State. You can occasionally find here people watching at either a tea or coffee shop.”