Time to Shine – Artist and Art Space **Opportunity**

Sara Burbidge/totallyhyena.com

First Friday PDX is excited to announce a special February First Friday Light Walk in collaboration with the Portland Winter Light Festival! The event will take place on Friday, Feb. 2nd, 2018. The affair will illuminate local art through light art exhibitions, installations and live performance. Featuring more than 100 artists, and attracting more than 40,000 visitors, the annual Portland Winter Light Festival is one of the cities most dynamic and engaging art events. To help facilitate this collaborative opportunity, First Friday is offering two ways to become involved:

  • Independently create or host a light themed exhibit, installation, or performer.
  • Be matched with and host a local light artist or or performer (or for artists: gallery) from the First Friday PDX roster

Participating galleries and studios will become a featured stop on the Light Walk and special Light Bike Ride and receive publicity and visitors from both First Friday PDX and the Portland Winter Light Festival.

Contact us at info@FirstFridayPDX.org

One Reply to “Time to Shine – Artist and Art Space **Opportunity**”

  1. My partner Eran and I do sound reactive video projections, sometimes image-mapped onto sculptures; we’ve done DJ/VJ events around Portland for a couple years, including a monthly night at Killingsworth Dynasty and for local bands Dolphin Midwives, Magisterial, and We Are Parasols. We also performed in PICA’s 2016 Time-Based Art Festival.

    We’re interested in doing sound reactive projections that are manipulated in real time, with either a pre-recorded music mix or a live DJ mix we can play through a laptop. We do have our own projector, and depending on the venue, might be able to set up a sculpture or textured surface for image mapping.

    We have a piece at Afru Gallery for their Byte Me show opening on 2/2, and want to at least make an appearance there, but need not be there long.

    Eran’s email is below. I can be reached at mrrranda@gmail.com

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