Bodies of Art

At the intersection of fecundity and cessation, we are confronted by the physicality of what it means to be human. We undeniably exists, reproduce, and die as mater, and yet explanations that end at a materiality also seem to inexplicably miss something essential. The dead linger with us, stories define us, and promises of transcendence motivate us in ways materialism seems unable to.

The essence of these things are captured nebulously in words like spirit, and it is in their nature to be intangible in concept as well as form. One thing is clear however; their existence breaths life into the inert, and their symbols light the hidden oceans of the unknown.

Likewise, what is inexpressible with concepts may be touched with art, and as we briefly reach out towards the unknown this week, I am excited to highlight shows which likewise feature the intangible essence of spirit.  

Happy Halloween, see you on Friday!

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President



We are very excited to participate in this years Día de los Muertos Altar Walk with Milagro Theater and Ideal PDX!

For our November open studios, East Creative will be transformed by decorations and altars created by Yathzi Turcot. Visitors will be invited to bring items to add to the altars as we remember and welcome the spirits of the departed.

The event will feature open studios by acclaimed local artists, live karaoke by Community Jams, the International Mural by Mail project, fire dancing by Larissa Kurucz, and more!

Also, don’t miss the altar bike tour with Friends of the Green Loop that ends at East Creative and other amazing Día de los Muertos events in the district.

6 PM – 9 PM @  211 SE Madison St., Portland, OR


Okay, for real this time! Come join us at Bite Studio to celebrate our a First Friday return November 4th!

6 PM – 10 PM @ 2000 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR


Our incredible Studio Assistants are approaching the end of their year-long program, and we are hosting an event to show off all their artwork! Come celebrate them and see their cool clay creations from 5-8pm on November 4thfor our First Friday Opening of Fruiting Bodies. We can’t wait to see you all here!

5 PM – 8 PM @ 2324 SE Belmont St. Portland OR

7 PM – 9 PM @ 3421 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR


A History Of All My Dead Pets by Ben Milam 
The Last Show at the legendary AFRU/ EGG/ Launch Pad space!Sin City Ramblers
The Saloon Ensemble

7 PM – Close @ 534 SE Oak St., Portland, OR


Josh Gaines is the best kind of human. He is a multi-potentialite who works in a many mediums. Josh brings magic into the world through his art and helps others to do the same.

Join us for an utterly unique art workshop to design and build your own wearable cardboard monster mask! Using cardboard, hot glue, tape, paints and other decorative materials, you’ll walk away from this workshop with a colorful new prop to wear on your head. This workshop will be hosted by Josh Gaines, a multi-faceted local artist whose own mask creations have been spotted at Mt Tabor dance parties, art galleries and throughout Portland this past Summer. This workshop will be a vibrant, playful dive into pure imagination! Materials will be provided with ticket price, but feel free to bring your own additional decorations (suggestions: glitter, glow-in-the-dark paints, beads, interestingly-shaped items from the recycle bin, etc). This workshop is a blast, Josh is rad, and supports creative
expression in a beautiful way.
•25 person cap, $25 tickets
•4hrs but no need to stay whole time
Sign up on the adxportland website!!! 

About Josh: Josh Gaines is an award-winning filmmaker, published author, stopmotion animator and also he paints things sometimes. Lately he’s been playing with cardboard and glue a lot. He grew up around Albuquerque and Denver before moving to Portland in 2020. This workshop is also about freedom, self acceptance and allowing humans to embrace their creative selves.

6 PM – 10 PM @ 417 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR


Warm greetings dearest friends and family! I hope everyone is healthy, happy and really doing well as we shift into this new fall season.

I am excited to invite you to a very special event taking place on Friday November 4th.  Kevin and I are proud (as well as relieved) to announce the completion of “The Concert,” a filmed version of a song cycle based on the poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay, with music composed by Kevin and sung by yours truly!   ; )

At Hallowed Halls, Nov. 4th at 7pm, the film will premier 1st, followed by a live concert of other works for a full evening of song, piano, harp and even a little bit of theater for your entertainment pleasure. We would love to see you, and also encourage you to spread the word to others who might be interested. If for some reason this date does not work for you, or if you are too far away to be able to attend the concert in person however, there is also the option to stream a recording of the entire evening from Dec. 4th on, so either way, we hope you will be able to support us and fit this evening into your busy schedules. 

Ticket purchasing information, a 2 minute trailer, as well as a link to Kevin’s website with even more details about this concert are available below.

Thank you for all your loving support and we hope to see you there!🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼


Here’s a teaser/trailer for the film:

You’ll find a description of each song on the program here on Kevin’s website:

For those of you too far away and/or unavailable that night, the whole show will be streamed one month later.Here is the LINK FOR TICKETS:

7 PM @ 4420 SE 64th Ave., Portland, OR


The exhibition will feature over 30 artists images etched onto machete blades with live music performances BA. It’s gonna be a wild night and month at @onegrandgallery. with live music performances by @sangbylotus and D3M! The lineup of participating artists is staggering in its amount of talent. I’m truly honored to have so many brilliant artists contribute their skill to this dream of a wall of machetes. We can’t wait to show y’all these crazy blades, these artists really flexed!

Sale of machetes in the show will be benefitting the creating artists as well as contributing to a fund to support BIPOC tattoo artists through @machetefactory .

6 PM @ 1000 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214


Mark your calendar for November 4th. @lulucadeaux will be doing a First Friday popup at Raylee! All my pottery will be displayed in the back room, and there will be wine and snacks from 5-9.

5 PM – 9 PM @ 3080 SE Division St., Portland, OR


Amelia Opie | John Opie | Susan Opie | Carol Opie | Helen Opie

5 PM – 7 PM @ 140 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR

 Visit the First Friday PDX website for more events and the First Friday map

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Transformation and the Art of Ghosts

The end of summer is always bittersweet, but when the looming ghosts of winter mix unnervingly with the vivid palette of fall, there is also an undeniable energy in the air. This energy is a potent force for connecting to the creative energy of the subconscious and everything that lurks, hidden in shadows. This is also the celebratory aspect of Halloween; transformation or destruction is only a matter of perspective, and life is nothing without change. 

And few things are more celebratory of transformation then art, and especially the dark art of First Friday 😉

Hope to see you for a spooky night of art and ghosts this Friday!

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President

Our First Friday Gallery opening features spooky artwork by painter Jasòn Edward Davis and ceramic artist Rae Pierce. Stop by and say hi to the artists, and let the work give you goosebumps of excitement 🦴
5 PM – 8 PM @ 2324 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Anthesis Original Watercolors on paper by Arnold PanderWorks in watercolor depicting floral still life’s in various states of bloom.After the death of my mother in 2016, I went into a very reflective place and my artwork took a more internal turn. I submerged into the sensual and fragile creative medium of watercolor.With each new series of works in this pigment based traditional art form, it exercised my mind and soul from a state of mourning to a place of healing while finding a new language in which to create. This new series of watercolors I spared the subject matter down to this body of floral still lifes that I have entitled “Anthesis”, named for the period or act of expansion in flowers which also echoes the process of my own creative discovery in watercolor.
6 PM – 8 PM @ 2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 104, Portland, OR, 97202
Step inside the studios and meet the artists of the East Creative Collective. Featuring the art of 15 local artists and creators, live karaoke by Community Jams, international mural painting for Palestine and Ukrainian, and more.
6 PM – 9 PM @  211 SE Madison St., Portland, OR, 97214
7 PM – 9 PM @ 3421 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97214 
An eclectic look at Halloween, and the things that go bump in the night.
AFRU and Sincanvas presents a show of the classic Haunted Houses we all loved going to when we were young! When Halloween was REAL fun!!!
Featuring: Sincanvas, Gavin Eveland, Nik Sin, & Aine Kennedy.
DJ StrawberryPickle from Rainbow City playing some amazing music!
7 PM – Close @ 534 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214
Start Your Engines group Art Show featuring the work of local PNW artists who call the ford building their home. We are gearing up for a new era under new management with our inaugural exhibit opening on Friday October 7th from 5-8 pm.
6 PM – 8 PM @  2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
We are honored to announce “Nature is Calling”, Amelia Lichtenberg’s solo exhibition that opens Friday October 7th from 6-10pm here at Earth Space!🍄We can’t wait to see the nature inspired work that Amelia has in store for us! Mycology lovers and appreciators, you won’t want to miss this one 😉Gong Sound Bath by Phoenyx 6:30-7:30PM🎶Ambient Music by Vibes 🔮Tarot by @psytherial aka🍵Gongfu Tea Lounge by @russell_bohrThere will be a special print release of 5 on hot-pressed watercolor paper, numbered and signed, for many featured paintings. They’ll only be available to purchase in-person at Earth Space for the duration of the show!
6 PM – 10 PM @ 4135 SE Gladstone, OR, 97202
We are so excited to share! Brassworks Assistant Curator Kristin, is curating her first group show at Brassworks Annex with 6 amazing artist!
6 PM – 9 PM @ 127 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
For this October Feature show we invited a diverse group of artists to create artworks under the title of: Another Realm. Imaginations were set wild; fantasy people, nations and galaxies now await our viewing.Artists: Melody Bush, Shelly Durica-Laiche, Erica Gibson, Sharon Jonquil, Anna Magruder and Jeanne Steffan
5 PM – 7 PM @ 140 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 9721

 Visit the First
 In this series of original paintings and prints by Shantel Kristin Bennett, the artist uses bright colors and whimsical brush strokes to convey coziness, home and a sense of comfort and rest. While the images are abstract and flowery-and can be largely interpreted by the viewer, Shantel hopes to reflect a sense of joy and a feeling what it means to be at peace within our own personal “nesting places” both literally and within our own bodies and minds.
5 PM – 7 PM @  401b NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232
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Support local art this December at First Friday

This December we’re excited to share holiday art shows at East Creative Collective, Afru Gallery and Sidestreet Arts, as well as amazing looking openings at EARTH Space PDX, Pushdot Studios, and Neighbors Taproom.

While its difficult to trace the origins of December holiday traditions, gift giving dates back at least as far as the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia. While consumer culture gives us many choices of how to be part of this tradition, an art walk is a great opportunity to support local artists and to give a truly unique gift. By spending locally you directly contribute to communities you care about, and help keep Portland’s vibrant art scene alive.

Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President



Come warm up at East Creative’s annual Holiday Art Market! Featuring great gifts by local artists, open studios, a special 100 works under $100 show, live music by Community Jams, and more.

6 PM – 9 PM @ 211 SE Madison St., Portland, OR 97214


we cordially invite you to visit this exhibition of art and witness the new work of the bone goddess on Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

in addition to this new painting series there will be a brand new live performance, curated specifically for this event.

come and enter the space between our world and worlds beyond.

please wear a mask and be respectful to others in the space

“Kelly Delay’s perfectly composed photographs show the beauty in decay and the dignity in decline.” Tiny’s Coffee

6 PM – 10 PM @ 4135 SE Gladstone St Portland, OR 97202


Recuerdo: (rreh-kwehr-doh) NOUN, masculine (plural: recuerdos)

  1. Memory
  2. Souvenir, memento, memorabilia
  3. Regards

By taking a look at personal history, this exhibition touches on themes of nostalgia, connection, legacy, and remembrance. The work highlights the human experience and incorporates themes of cultural and family legacy, artistic heritage, and the significant value of the contributions of immigrants to our society.

Ivan Salcido is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, OR. Born in El Paso, TX, Salcido holds an MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His background is in sculpture, but he also makes paintings and installations. His latest series of artworks draws on personal experience, family history, and interests in collectibles (such as sports cards, photographs, and flags) for inspiration.

8 AM – 5 PM @ 2505 SE 11th Avenue, Suite 104 – in the Ford Building, enter on Division Street – Portland, OR 97202


Famous December art show & sale!!! Give the gift of art!
Plus, Santa Wrestling Live!!! WTF?
This is a free event. Donations welcome. Refreshments available.
live music from The Dead To Rights!

7 PM – Close @ 534 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214


Come in for first Friday Artwalk and meet a number of different artists represented in our Very Merry Cash and Carry Show.

5 PM – 7 PM @ 140 SE 28th Ave., Portland, Or 97214


Justin Westphal, a local painter specializing in hyper-realistic pet and animal portraiture, exhibits a collection of oil and watercolor paintings throughout the month of December at Neighbors Taproom. Come enjoy these works up close in person while treating yourself to a rotating selection of curated beer, wine, and plant-based coffee drinks in a dog-friendly, bright and spacious interior!

12 PM – 10 PM @ 1306 East Burnside St, Portland OR 97214



We present a special online exhibition of vintage works by New York-based Ming Fay.  We have worked with Fay for well over 30 years and have presented many spectacular exhibitions.  This new show is an opportunity for collectors to see work that has never been shown in our gallery in the past.  Jeffrey Butters has personally curated this collection we are presenting–focusing on his picks of the “cream of the crop” of available Ming Fay works.  


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First Friday New Art November Events

First Friday is almost here again! We’re happy to welcome two new galleries for November, with great looking shows at The Angry Florist, and Neighbors Taproom. There are also some exciting new openings at Sidestreet Arts and Afru Gallery, open studios at East Creative Collective, and an odd themed show at Splendorporium.

Don’t forget to let us know if there are any First Friday events we’ve missed!

Look forward to seeing you on Friday,

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President



I’ve made plans for your Friday night this week-start out by visiting The Angry Florist’s First Friday event featuring some really incredible artists. I’m spoiled in being able to view their lovely work daily amongst the flowers – and on Friday the shop will be open an extra hour for you to do so too!

4 PM – 8 PM @ 401b NE 28th Ave Portland, OR 97232


For me, the most fascinating aspect of human existence lies in what we create, the EVERYDAY OBJECTS. It is these materials and structures that reveal our desires, our necessity, our creativity, and our capability. Equally fascinating is the tremendous diversity we then display in our engagement with these constructed objects. We sometimes hold dear and embrace our creations for decades or centuries. Or, we may neglect them, unceremoniously, leaving it to the artist or curious passerby to rediscover and redefine our relationship to these forgotten structures as they age, weather, or crack. As one of these curious-type people, I find myself drawn to the colors and craftsmanship, the scars and wrinkles. Although such details and long-lost whispers may go unnoticed by many, to me they exude shimmering glimpses of depth, history, and meaning I can not help but explore, photograph, and share.

“Kelly Delay’s perfectly composed photographs show the beauty in decay and the dignity in decline.” Tiny’s Coffee

7 PM – 9 PM @ 1306 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214


Show us what you perceive to be ODD! Animals? Aliens? Monsters? Your Mom? Your Supper? A Circus?

Our featured artist is Zoe Ball.

7 PM – 9 PM @ 3421 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97202


On November 5th, ‘Dual Duel’ opens at AFRU Gallery in Portland. The show explores the concept of identity, both lost and found. It features a myriad of works by Amy Bugbee and Amy Eir Stocky, one person reconciling two different identities.

Live musical performances by ZenKoal and Dyarq.

Baked goods for all!!!

7 PM – Close @ 534 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214


Step inside the studios of East Creative Collective and meet local artists in their natural environment.

6 PM – 9 PM @ 211 SE Madison St., Portland, OR 97214


Anita Reuther has a lifelong love of the Pacific Northwest. Her mixed media art reflects this with dreamy speckled hillsides, cloudy mountain ranges, and charming bird vignettes. Deeply textured and collaged papers form moody landscapes that the viewer can fall into. 

Anita lives and works in Lake Oswego. She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Three Rivers Artist Guild in Oregon City. 

Sidestreet member and ceramic artist, Ha Austin, crafts what she calls “functional clay canvases”. Platters, flower vases, tea cups with saucers, and sturdy coffee mugs are not only functional, but delightful. Each is designed with whimsical sgraffito images and colorful hand-mixed glazes before firing in a gas-kiln at a high temperature. Chubby little wrens, purple lotus blossoms, and lily pads make the each ceramic piece a functional work of art. 

*artists present in gallery

5 PM – 7 PM @ 140 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214



Re: The Source
The source is what we are drawing from, get inspired by, learn from, contemplate over, exploit and ignore.
The source shapes us and makes us what we are. We are that source.

We have invented many different words for that source from which we originate, to which we return.
(Words turn into concepts, ideas, sciences, philosophies, religions, cults and cultures. All with the one purpose of trying to understand and to make sense of our being in this world.)
In our creating and experiencings of art, in moments of presence, we connect with the source and find meaning and purpose.
The engaging with art strengthens our connectivity with the source.
We draw everything from the source and we give everything back. Only this way the cycling of life continues. 

The paintings of this presentation are a few samples of my lifelong and more or less successful attempts to connect and to share my findings.
Maybe the one or the other of these works speaks to you and helps you connect with your source in you in unexpected ways.
Respectfully yours,

Bernd Haussmann


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First Friday Autumn Art Events

Hi First,
I’m excited to share some great looking First Friday shows this month, both in-person and virtual. In addition to openings at Pushdot Studios, Splendorporium, Brassworks, and Sidestreet Arts, there is a spooky seasonal show at Afru Gallery, and a First Friday PDX collaborative street fair at East Creative Collective. If you’re an artist it’s not too late to register for free!

Autumn is a season of change, and hopefully we can look forward to even more great art events coming up.

See you tomorrow!
Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President


Blast into Fall with East Creative Collective and First Friday PDX. This October, the Autumn Art Blast is taking over two square blocks of the SE industrial district in celebration of art and support of local artists. Featuring more than 20 artists and creators, the Autumn Art Blast will showcase some of the most exciting new art in Portland, with open studios, a street festival, live music and more.

5 PM – 9 PM @ 211 SE Madison St., Portland OR, 97214


White Lies She Told Me is a group of small paintings that address the personal and complex relationship I share with my mother. The central woman figure in these paintings is a portrait I have painted many times throughout my career, whom I call Umnia Vera, which means “faith faith”, but more so symbolizes the traversing and overcoming of deep emotional trauma, pain, and adversity in my life. In a way, these paintings are self portraits.”

Born and raised in North Portland, Sadé is a self-taught painter who experiments primarily with acrylic and gouache. She has focused on portraiture and landscape, with an affinity for capturing Black women in their brilliance and vulnerability. Some of her portraits are sociopolitical, exploring the attitudes and experiences of African-Americans in their connectedness to nature, while others symbolize self portraits that serve as an archive of her grappling with trauma and other life circumstances.

Following the latest local, state and federal CDC guidelines, we are again requiring masks and appointments when visiting. Thank you for your understanding.

8:30 AM – 5 PM @ 2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 104, Portland, OR 97202


Join us Friday, October 1st 7-9 for the Tarot Show featuring the art and furniture of Zack Hryndej.

7 PM – 9 PM @ 3421 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97202


Join our featured artist, Rabun Thompson and spotlight artist, Sharon Jonquil in the gallery for some good-time meeting and greeting. Don’t forget to visit our neighbors at Stark Street Studios.
Masks required (of course).

5 PM – 7 PM @ 140 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97214


6 PM – 10 PM @ 534 SE Oak St. Portland, OR 97214


We are super excited about working with artists, Simon Griffiths, Jimmer Willmott, and Gregory Hergert at Brassworks Gallery for “Street Show” Opening online THIS Friday, October 1st, 2021

6 PM – 10 PM @ ONLINE

We love to promote art events involving our participating galleries and artists, please be sure to send your news and any feedback to:
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What is Art Therapy?

Well, it is definitely not the adult coloring book since there is no art therapist to supervise. It is a hybrid of art and psychology were no one needs any fancy artistic skill in order to do it. The therapist sees clients from all walks of life and uses art to improve their well-being and mental health. 

It started to become prominent in the 1940’s as a distinct discipline. The first person to coin the term art therapy was English artist Adrian Hill in 1942. He was being treated for tuberculosis in 1938 and discovered how art affects the mind and body. Hill’s work was expanded by artist Edward Adamson, who helped establish the British Association of Art Therapists in 1964.

In the United States art therapy was being pioneered by Margaret Naumburg who was coined the “mother of art therapy”. Naumburg was an educator and a therapist.  In 1915, she opened the Walden School in New York City after studying briefly with Maria Montessori in Italy.

Even though art therapy has grown, it is still considered relatively new by today’s standards it is used in a variety of settings such as schools and nursing homes. This type of therapy focuses on inner experience and not on the finished product. In other words, the art therapist is not there to criticise the client’s art, but there to facilitate deep healing.  

As you can see, art therapy is beneficial to society, especially mental health. When verbal communication therapy fails, art is there to the rescue. 

Works cited: 

Altman, Julie. (2009, February 27). Margaret Naumburg. Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia.  Retrieved from

Bitonte, Robert A, and Marisa De Santo. (2014, July 3). Art Therapy: An Underutilized, yet Effective Tool. Mental illness vol. 6,1 5354. Retrieved from

Diconsiglio, John. (2016 February). Color Me Cautious: Don’t Mistake Adult Coloring Books for Art Therapy. Retrieved from

Fountain, Henry. (1996, February 10). Edward Adamson, 84, Therapist Who Used Art to Aid Mentally Ill. Retrieved from

Virtual Art Walk, Real Support for Artists

As we face social isolation and confront financial instability, it is easy to succumb to understandable feelings of dejection and powerlessness. While we continue to confront and overcome these hardships, art can provide us with both a healing outlet for fears and frustrations, as well as a form of transcendent escape.

To help us connect despite physical restrictions, First Friday PDX is curating a Virtual April Art Walk made up of artists, galleries, and causes that can both use your support, and provide a welcome virtual antidote to isolation.


Please join us on our digital walk, and consider connecting and supporting the many amazing artists of Portland!

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein
First Friday PDX President



Some might be disheartened to think that no one will actually enter physically to see this exhibition, but we see this as a creative challenge and exhilarating opportunity to take our show documentation and online experience to a new level.Stay tuned to experience a new journey through our space –

Live, Friday, April 3, 6 p.m.

Eutectic online shop


As many of you are aware, we had to close our beloved boutique on March 14th for the safety of ourselves and our community.  With suddenly zero income stream, we were forced to furlough our employees. 

We’ve been a woman owned and operated independent small business in the Central Eastside of Portland serving the arts community since 2006.
We have operated out of the same building as a brick and mortar boutique and gallery, and though we have a website, we do not currently sell online.
 We are completely reliant on foot-traffic and direct sales to tourists and locals alike.

As you can imagine, The interruption of our business due to Covid-19 has impacted me and the business overnight, but also directly affected the lives of my 3 employees, without whom Redux could not operate. As we attempt to navigate a new reality of survival in our new social distanced world, we are asking for your help to keep them safe and supported.
This GoFund me is an attempt to provide temporary funding for their survival during this difficult time while we wait for Grant and Federal relief.

I am reaching out to our fans to humbly ask for your support for their welfare. 

We truly are so grateful for any amount you are able to commit to, it will go directly to the employees who you, our customers, have gotten to know over the years, and who help create and enrich the amazing experience of shopping at Redux.
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider where your hard-earned dollars go during this critical time.

If you are unable to donate at this time we completely understand, and hope that you will come by for a visit at some point in the future when we reopen to the public.
We also have gift certificates available for purchase on our website at if you would be interested in investing in our future as well as enjoying redemption for your dollars spent down the road.

See you on the other side!

Tamara Goldsmith,
owner, Redux Boutique and Gallery

Also, consider buying a $10 Redux gift card to help support the business!


Wondering how to support local businesses and artists? Tired of looking at your walls during Social Distancing? How about buying some ART?

Hey, how does this even work?

  • Each day we’ll post an item from one of our artists on Instagram and Facebook at 10am
  • You can see sneak previews here, but each daily item won’t be available for sale until 10am
  • Click on the item that catches your eye, then click again in the store to get more details.
  • Purchase right here online, and we’ll pack it up with freshly gloved hands
  • Pick it up from the door at Sidestreet on any Sunday between noon and 2pm (In compliance with Gov. Brown’s Executive Order, art galleries may be open by appointment only).

@SidestreetArtsPDX on Instagram

Sidestreet Arts on Facebook

Support featured artists from March 29th – April 4th!


We are so happy for all the interest and support. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 event East Creative is closed to public viewing for the immediate future. We are looking forward to hopefully reopening and sharing our art soon! In the meantime you can the work of and support some our amazing artists here at new online gallery and shop.

Online gallery and artists’ shop


Missed any of our First Friday shows? Then check out the Brassworks Gallery Online Shop and choose from our archive of artwork. Give us a call if you’d like to schedule a viewing of our current exhibition.

Brassworks Gallery Online Shop


This exhibition was scheduled to run from February 7th – March 27th at Pushdot Studio and was unfortunately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I will be selling all of the prints from this exhibition at a discounted rate. Follow the link at the top or bottom of this page and feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase. I can ship prints as well.

I also have work for sale at a discount from past exhibitions not listed on this site and can send those images by request. Feel free to browse my Instagram for photos of the prints from this current series and my past work.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-Mike Vos

Online collection at Pushdot Studios

Performance Art

Performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Peña

What is performance art ? It is a time-based art form rather than a permanent artistic gesture that has a beginning and end. The artist forces the audience to be in the present thus challenging them to participate while educating them about current conditions. 

The orgins of performance art dates back to the Middle Ages with the traveling troubadours and performances of the court minstrels, but really grew into existence in the 20th century with movements such as Dada, Futurism, Automatism, Noveau Realisme, Fluxus, Neo-Dada, Body Art and Feminist Art. It became a movement in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Performance art is not a passive art but, an “action” art that focused on the “message” expressed by the performance artist. Below are two examples of performance artists that have succeeded in this art medium.

Marina Abramovic bursted onto the scene in the 1970’s with “cathartic performances that tested the limits of spectator participation and personal safety (“Between 1973-1974”, 2015). She used her own body as art.  Rhythm 10 is an excellent example of this and her first performance piece. For this particular performance she used 20 knives of different sizes and shapes and adapted the slavic knife game called “five finger fillet”. This game lasted till each knife was used twice. Another example is Rhythm 0, which was the last performance of the Rhythm Series that involved her objectifying her body for an audience that gradually became aggressive. This performance lasted for 6 hours and involved the audience to do whatever they wanted with her body that included the use of the 72 objects provided. Her emotionally and physically challenging performance pieces have been highly influential in performance art and earned her the title of “grandmother of performance art”. 

Guillermo Gómez-Peña is another performance artist. He came onto the art scene in the 1980’s and incorporates activism into his pieces. In 1992, his most notable work came out which is titled Couple in The Cage: Two Amerindians Visit the West in collaboration with Coco Fusco. It was about responding to the widespread commemoration of the 500-year anniversary of Columbus’s arrival to the Americans while focusing on colonial ideas regarding the exploitation, captivity, and abuse of indigenous people.  What Gómez-Peña notice was that the audience still held onto these colonial ideas of Western thought towards non-Western cultures and that they need to let go of these mentalities. 

As an activist, much of his work is about erasing the divide between art and politics. His most current work to date is the perfect example of this: The Most (un) Documented Mexican Artist performed at Los Angles Contemporary Exhibitions. In this particular piece, he presents an eclectic perspective on the prompt future of the Americans. 

As you can see, both of these artists have used their art to teach society about itself, hoping to point out the attitudes and mindsets of the current society we live in. Finally, art is necessary for the advancement of civilization, thus letting go of outdated ideas can civilization be allowed to move on to a better world.

Other notable performance artists:

Joseph Beuys

Ana Mendieta

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Art Colleges from the Past

Before diving into the past let’s ask ourselves how important is art to learning? Some say not that much while others say it is significant to learning and understanding the world. Below are two art colleges that deviated from traditional colleges in the 20th century. 

The Bauhaus building in Dessau.

Bauhaus was a school of design that started in 1919 by Walter Gropius in the German city of Weimar. In 1925 it moved to the city of Dessau and finally to Berlin in 1932. It changed hands many times and combined fine arts and crafts. Besides from the fact that it was an art school, the minimalistic design that it taught and publicized became well-known throughout the world. Aside from the school being progressive, especially in the manifesto that Gropius written in 1919, stated that it welcomed “everyone without regard to age or sex”, students still meet with discrimination. The women who went there faced prejudice from the professors that they could not work in the more “challenging” fields of metalwork and architecture. Nevertheless, only 11 female students preserve and worked in the more “challenging” fields.  It closed in 1933 due to constant harassment by the Nazis. 

Another art institution that was also progressive was Black Mountain College. It ended up becoming a haven for Bauhaus expats when it opened up in 1933 in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was started by John A. Rice who left Rollins College due to controversy. And was born out of a desire to create a new type of college based on John Dewey’s principles of progressive education. At the time, the college was a community-centered education that was owned and operated by the faculty. The traditional hierarchies that are usually found at colleges were non-existent. The community type environment was meant to inspire “the individual student with a sense of his or her relations to others and the environment.” The Liberal Arts College was committed to democratic governance and to the idea that the arts are central to the experience of learning. Even though it was located in the south at a time when it was segregated, the Black Mountain community did have 11 black students before closing in 1957.

Students at Black Mountain College, sunning on the dock at Lake Eden
– looking out to the Studies Building.
Photo by John Campbell (Western Regional Archives)

Therefore, even though both schools were seen as a progressive they both faced challenges. What they left behind is still present to this day; a simple revolutionary design and a community-based education.

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