East Creative Collective

East Creative Collective is a studio and gallery space home to artists and creators in mediums ranging from oil painting to digital design and sculpture. Located in the inner SE Arts District of Portland, East Creative hosts monthly openings and regular public events featuring both East Collective members and outside artists.

As home to the monthly First Friday street exhibition, East Creative Collective acts a regional hub for the First Friday art walk and an open display space for local artists and creators.

Current members of East Creative Collective


Erin Cadena | ErinCadena.faso.com | Instagram: @erincadena




James Minden | JamesMinden.com




Carolyn Cole | CarolynColeArt.com




Kate Dopheide | KateDopheide.com | Facebook.com/WeaverKatePDX




Andrew Davis | AndrewDavisPaintings.com




Steve Dehlinger | ArtToaster.com| Instagram: @stevedehlinger




Austin Eddy | AustinEddy.com | Instagram: @austinoeddy




Elizabeth Higgins | ElizabethMHiggins.com| Instagram: @elizabeth.m.higgins




Justine Monique | Facebook.com/JustineMoniqueStudios| Instagram: @_justinemonique_




Madison Mikel Weiss | MadisonMikelWeiss.com| Instagram: @madisonmikelweissartist




Noah Alexander Isaac Stein | NAStein.com| Instagram: @VisionsOfTheDeluge | Facebook.com/NASteinArt




Zebith Thalden | Intersectus.net




Shayna Weimer | ShaynaWeimer.com




Erin Cowan
Kat Schon
Scott Simons
Kelly Wells
Leah Woods

Indigo Proof | IndigoProof.com

Switch Leather Co. | SwitchLeatherCo.com


The East Creative Studios Building is located at 211 SE Madison St, Portland, OR, and is open from 6 PM – 9 PM for the First Friday of every month. Visit Facebook.com/EastCreativePDX/ for the latest upcoming events.

Contact us at East@NoBordersArt.Org